Fall Winter 19/20

    • “Accessories” 436 βραχιόλι/ ζώνη/ κολιέ

      Green fullnessGreen fullness

      “SUPPORTIVE LEATHER” Βραχιόλι από 100% αυθεντικό δέρμα το οποίο έχει χαραγμένο το IOANNA KOURBELA BASICS λογότυπο. Το μάκρος του είναι ρυθμιζόμενο και μπορεί να φορεθεί ως κολιέ και ως ζώνη.

    • “Archetypes” – Wrap Cardigan 2550

      Green fullnessGreen fullness
      Purple addictPurple addict
      Watermelon pinkWatermelon pink

      Perforated versatile knit cardigan with asymmetrical panels at the front. Made from 100% Greek cotton, is suitable for all seasons. The thick horizontal archetypal knitting allows for a loose flow and a beautiful fit. A very special piece, designed exclusively by Ioanna Kourbela, drawing inspiration from pleats, an eternal motive in art and nature. Can be worn in more than 20 different ways. “Create Yourself” one!

      Watch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxv-BJcKSMo

    • Archetypes – Cardigan “5001”


      “ARCHETYPES 5001” cardigan, a minimal design made of the characteristic 100% cotton Ioanna Kourbela technique. Knitted from 100% cotton yarn, it is suitable for all seasons! It is versatile and its shape depends on the buttons that you chose to button it up.

    • Midi dress

      119.00 47.60

      100% pol Lining: 100% vis code: 19.07.135

    • Top

      59.00 23.60

      96% pes -4% ly code:19.01.133

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